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Holcomb Energy Systems | About Us

About Us

Holcomb Energy Systems is setting a new industry standard in electric power generation. Our core technology, the Holcomb Energy System (HES), is an entirely new source of energy — using no fuel and putting out zero emissions, it is scalable, silent, and point of use. It is applicable everywhere that electric power is needed, on or off the grid, and is more affordable than any form of electricity available today, including fossil fuels.

At a time when energy needs and environmental damage from fossil fuels are surging in tandem, the HES offers a solution everywhere that electricity is needed. By eliminating the need for centrally generated power plants, the HES places energy production right where it is being used — in homes, commercial buildings, transportation, consumer electronics, and along the grid.

Holcomb Energy Systems

Our Mission:

To consign fossil fuels to the annals of history, halt the spectre of runaway climate change, and ensure economic and environmental justice around the world.

Learn who we are, why the HES was born, and how it is going to change the world

Meet the Team

Robert Holcomb MD, Ph.D.

Robert Holcomb MD, Ph.D.

Inventor. Developer. Co-Founder.

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Dr. Robert Holcomb MD, Ph.D., is Co-Owner, Co-Founder, and Co-Manager of Holcomb Scientific Research, an Irish-based research, and development company setting a new industry standard in electric power generation.

With decades of experience across the medical, scientific, and energy industries, Dr. Holcomb is a pioneer in modern invention with hundreds of patents across a range of industries from breakthrough clean energy solutions to medical devices such as MagnaBloc, which achieved approximately $1 billion in worldwide sales. He has also patented numerous environmentally friendly products, processes, and devices, including a CO2 converter that captures CO2 in power plant emissions and in the atmosphere and converts it back to its base elements, and a unique water purification system.

He spent almost 20 years as a child and adult neurologist on the faculty of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, one of the nation’s longest-serving and most prestigious academic medical centers. During this time he regularly published articles in a series of medical and scientific journals and traveled around the world delivering lectures.

Dr. Holcomb is passionate about the environment and focuses much of his time, energy, and intellect on creating accessible, affordable, and sustainable solutions to try and solve the widespread environmental challenges facing our world. The Holcomb Energy System is his most groundbreaking invention to date.

Ellen Holcomb | Holcomb Energy Systems

Ellen Sue Holcomb

Developer. Manager. Co-Founder.

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Ellen Holcomb is Co-Owner, Co-Founder, and Co-Manager of Holcomb Scientific Research, an Irish-based research, and development company setting a new industry standard in electric power generation, where she is responsible for providing oversight of intellectual property management, testing and protocol development, digital outreach, investor relations, fundraising, and communications.

With a vast amount of international experience rooted in journalism and public relations, Ellen previously worked as a producer at some of the world’s leading media organizations including CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. She also worked at WNYC New York public radio and WITF public radio, before managing media outreach for a First Amendment think tank and serving as Vice President of a New York-based public relations firm.

Gene Brown

Lead Engineer.

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Gene brings 30 years experience as an engineering project manager to his role at HSR. He has been instrumental in sourcing and implementing the automation design componentry that makes the Holcomb Energy System work. Gene also oversees the R and D operations of HSR, develops the technology to meet international specifications, and manages a staff of electricians and technicians.