About Us

Holcomb Energy Systems is setting a new industry standard in electric power generation. Our core technology, the Holcomb Energy System (HES), is an entirely new source of energy — using no fuel and putting out zero emissions, it is scalable, silent, and point of use. It is applicable everywhere that electric power is needed, on or off the grid, and is more affordable than any form of electricity available today, including fossil fuels. At a time when energy needs and environmental damage from fossil fuels are surging in tandem, the HES offers a solution everywhere that electricity is needed. By eliminating the need for centrally generated power plants, the HES places energy production right where it is being used — in homes, commercial buildings, transportation, consumer electronics, and along the grid.

Our goal: to consign fossil fuels to the annals of history, halt the spectre of runaway climate change, and ensure economic and environmental justice around the world.

Robert R. Holcomb MD, Ph.D. and Ellen Sue Holcomb,
Holcomb Energy Systems Co-Founders and Owners