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Holcomb Energy Systems | FAQs


Where can I buy a Holcomb Energy System?

The Holcomb Energy System has recently evolved from 15 years of research and development to a market-ready product. We are currently finalizing several contracts in the worldwide residential, commercial, transportation, and energy markets. You will be hearing more in the coming months about where you can purchase your own HES system and take your first steps in cleaning up our beautiful world.

Where does the energy to run the HES come from?

The Holcomb Energy System has no onboard fuel source – its power source is the material from which it is constructed – electrical steel, and our unique, proprietary method of harnessing the energy of the electron spin in the atoms which comprise the electrical steel to produce usable electric power.

Electrical steel is essentially made of Iron (Fe) – one of the most abundant metals in the earth’s crust. Small trace elements are added in the manufacturing process such as Silicon, Manganese & Aluminium.

The manufacture of electrical steel is standard world-wide and readily available.

Because of the incredibly high efficiency of the HES design, part of the HES power output is used to run the system in a self-regenerating fashion.

Does the power to run the Holcomb Energy System ever run out?

The HES is designed to run indefinitely! The electron spin which produces the magnetic domains in electrical steel will continue as long as the universe exists – it does not become weaker and it does not run out. Aligning and relaxing the alignment of the magnetic domains does nothing to the electrical steel. All generators operate by taking advantage of this alignment mechanism. However, the standard generator rotor only aligns the domains one time at start-up, and then gets no further energy advantage from the aligning process. In comparison, the HES aligns the domains and relaxes the alignment, and re-aligns and relaxes continuously every 4 milliseconds. Therefore we get the magnification effect 250 times per second.

What level of radiation does it put out?

The HES is perfectly safe – it puts out no more radiation than a classic generator. Moreover, each HES unit will be shielded in a mu-metal mesh, prohibiting the leaking of any electromagnetic radiation and protecting the unit from electromagnetic field attacks. Each HES unit will be certified to international safety standards.

Why is HSR headquartered in Ireland?

Ireland is a beautiful country with significant protections for Intellectual Property and a very proactive Green policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

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Is the HES a perpetual motion machine?

The HES is not a perpetual motion machine in the classic sense of the term. The HES is run by a newly discovered power source –our unique ability to harness the magnetic force of spinning electrons in the atoms that comprise electrical steel to make usable electric power. Moreover, “perpetual motion” implies moving parts. The HES has no moving parts.

Does the HES make heat?

No, the HES has no moving parts and runs at room temperature.

Does the HES make noise?

No, since the HES has no moving parts it runs perfectly silent.

How can you be getting more power out than in? Are you not violating the laws of conservation of energy?

The HES generates more power than is required to run it. This allows the HES to recycle a portion of its power output through an interface in a self-regenerating fashion, while simultaneously powering an electrical load.

What are the applications of the HES?

The HES is scalable and applicable everywhere electricity is needed, in applications large and small, from implantable medical devices, consumer electronics, transportation, homes and commercial buildings, all the way up to power plants.

Does the HES run on batteries?

The HES onboard battery bank is not a fuel source – it acts only as an interface and is topped off constantly by the system, so the battery bank voltage stays constant and never declines.

Do I need an electrician to hook it up?

Yes, just as any standard generator requires a licensed electrician to hook it up, the same is true of the HES.

Are you protected by patents?

Yes, we currently have 7 patents in the international patent arena.