HES Videos

After 15 years in stealth mode, we’ve introduced our market-ready Holcomb Energy System technology to the world. February 12th, 2022 – our Global Launch Party – celebrating changing the world with the amazing group of people who made it possible.

A better, cleaner future awaits for our beautiful planet and the species that share it with us.

Watch the video above to learn who we are, why the HES was born, and how it is going to change the world!

Who we are, why it works, and how we are going to change the world. (Short Version)

Learn About The Holcomb Energy System – Inline Power Generator (ILPG) (Short Version)

Imagine cutting your power bill, and carbon footprint, in half or better. Right now. Let’s crush the goals of the Paris Climate Accord and ensure a liveable planet for all. (Long Version)

How is the HES going to change the world? We no longer have to mine, or frack, or drill to have electricity. The power to fuel our world has been with us forever. We’ve found a way to harness it, and turn it into usable electricity. 100% Clean, affordable, and available everywhere.

A better future is coming.