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We receive lots of questions on the nitty gritty of our technology. Here’s an answer to those questions.

Does the Holcomb Energy System violate the laws of physics?

One esteemed academic says … Absolutely Not! Professor Timothy Vaughan found us on social media. Intrigued with our revolutionary renewable power generation system, he studied our patents and determined unequivocally, the HES does not violate the natural laws.

For over 15 years, Holcomb Energy Systems has been researching and developing a solid-state, self-sustaining power generation system with applications everywhere electricity is needed. Here’s a video from the HES 2018 archive taken during a power blackout.

A beautiful story behind the inspiration for the first HES solid-state prototype and some sentimental videos from the archive that you can’t miss!!!

How do we take a power source – in this case, a 50 kW diesel generator – and dramatically decrease its fuel consumption and carbon footprint? Simple. We hook it up to the HES In-Line Power Generator. Here’s a nifty demonstration!

Many of them traveled thousands of miles to the UN COP27 conference in hopes of saving their families, communities and countries from the ravages of climate change.

Holcomb Energy Systems is joining with Astra Energy, Inc. to manufacture and distribute the Holcomb Energy System In-Line Power Generator. This new power generation technology will soon be available in residential, industrial, and commercial sectors.

If the people will lead, the leaders will follow. Our leaders no longer have an excuse. The next generation of electric power is here and it’s changing everything.

We no longer have to mine, or frack, or drill to have our modern world. We’ve harnessed a source of electricity that’s been with us since the dawn of time. A whole new way of electrifying the world!

Today is Zero Emissions Day. Let’s give our planet a break from fossil fuels, if just for one day.

Watch the video above to learn who we are, why the HES was born, and how it is going to change the world!

After 15 years in stealth mode, we’ve introduced our market-ready Holcomb Energy System technology to the world. February 12th, 2022 – our Global Launch Party – celebrating changing the world with the amazing group of people who made it possible.

A better, cleaner future awaits for our beautiful planet and the species that share it with us.

How is the HES going to change the world? We no longer have to mine, or frack, or drill to have electricity. The power to fuel our world has been with us forever. We’ve found a way to harness it, and turn it into usable electricity. 100% Clean, affordable, and available everywhere.

A better future is coming.

Learn About The Holcomb Energy System – Inline Power Generator (ILPG) (Short Version)

Who we are, why it works, and how we are going to change the world. (Short Version)

Imagine cutting your power bill, and carbon footprint, in half or better. Right now. Let’s crush the goals of the Paris Climate Accord and ensure a liveable planet for all. (Long Version)