The Holcomb Energy System


The HES utilizes the natural energy produced by the electron spin in the iron atom, converting it into usable electricity. Through a total redesign of the classic electric power generator, the HES:
  • uses no fuel
  • puts out no emissions
  • runs totally silent
  • produces no heat
  • requires virtually no maintenance
  • And the HES is scalable anywhere electricity is needed.
All of these technologies are certified to UL and NEC (National Electric Code) standards.
When fully deployed, the Holcomb Energy System technologies offer a sweeping answer to the most pressing problems facing our world – pollution, climate change and wars for fossil fuels – as a cleaner, safer, more just and equitable solution is made available everywhere.
  • The HES In-Line Power Generator (ILPG):

    Capable of magnifying true electric power from any source to multiple times the power input. Previously, the voltage could be magnified or transformed. But never before has a technology existed to magnify true electric power by magnifying amperage. The ILPG has unlimited applications, including magnifying the power output from the grid and renewables, like wind and solar installations. It can increase the usable true power for any use or any facility including homes, apartments, factories, office buildings – or any consumer of electric power, reducing one’s power bill, and carbon footprint, by up to 80%.

  • The HES Stand-Alone Power Generation System:

    Operating independently of any outside power source, the HES stand-alone power generation system operates in a self-looping, self-regenerating fashion, powering itself while simultaneously powering any size electric load. This system is scalable everywhere electricity is needed, including residential and commercial applications, transportation, consumer electronics, and along the power grid.

  • The HES Phase Converter:

    Meets the worldwide demand for clean, point of use three-phase electric power while simultaneously magnifying power output. Three-phase electric power availability continues to be a worldwide problem because of the time, logistics, materials, and expense incurred by electric power companies to expand three-phase power where only single-phase power already exists. New transmission lines must be installed in order to deliver three-phase power. Three-phase electric power is needed to run most industrial equipment. Existing phase converter technologies carry significant drawbacks including poor power quality, limited size availability, and unwanted line harmonic distortion. The HES Phase Converter is a simple phase converter system that is solid-state and tuneable without computers, rectifiers, or inverters. In addition to being solid-state and using no fuel, this system is inexpensive, reliable, and boosts power output by upwards of 100%.

How can the HES produce continuous, clean, 3-phase power without fuel? Watch here to better understand the self-charging mechanism of the HES.