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By Dr. Robert Holcomb MD, Ph.D., Inventor of the Holcomb Energy System

Today marks a significant juncture in the calendar for climate activists to congregate and draw attention to our ailing planet and the urgent need to heal it. Earth Day represents a special opportunity for us to take a moment and ponder why we choose to fight this fight and run this challenging race.

This unique and wondrous planet has existed for over 4.5 billion years, with humanity inhabiting it for approximately six million of those years — a mere 0.13 percent in the timeline of Earth’s existence. In this small (but significant) timespan, we have directly impacted over 83 percent of Earth’s land area, decimating entire ecosystems, eliminating thousands of species of flora and fauna, and endangering our civilizations through the effects of human-induced climate change.

Earth Day serves as a great opportunity for the Holcomb Energy Systems team, along with the rest of the world, to remember that we only have one planet to call home and that there is an urgent need for multiple innovative solutions to remedy the problems of our own doing. This matter is something that I hold dear, and an issue that our team has taken upon itself to help rectify using a novel, witness-verified energy-production technology — the Holcomb Energy System (HES).

The HES is a labor of love, born out of a desire to contribute to the greatest cause of our time. After 13 years of extensive research and product development, we are proud and ready to showcase our invention to the world. The HES works by harnessing the natural energy from the electron spin in the iron atoms of electrical steel, generating carbon-free electricity without the need for an external power source such as wind, solar, or fossil fuels. Our technology releases no emissions, has no moving parts, requires virtually no maintenance, and can scale anywhere electricity is needed, making it capable of addressing some of the world’s most critical environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, and universal access to electricity.

The versatility of the HES means that it can be deployed across a range of power generation applications such as jet propulsions systems, electric vehicles, airplanes, motorbikes, and scooters. It can also be downsized to power portable electronic devices such as smartphones, speakers, laptops and more, so they never require a battery recharge.

We are incredibly passionate about stopping climate change and bringing clean, affordable electricity everywhere. While we’re proud of our efforts in developing this distinct energy production infrastructure, we also recognize that it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Rectifying generations of damage will take a combination of effective and innovative technologies to help humanity overcome its environmental failures. In line with this, Holcomb Energy Systems is currently working on forging strategic industry partnerships with leaders and experts to compound our positive momentum.

Today, on Earth Day, we have once again been generously given the chance to define our roadmap to a cleaner, brighter future despite the collective wrongdoings of our past. This Earth Day, in 2022, is the most significant of all given recent warnings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — the battle to save our planet can’t wait any longer. This demands our utmost attention and we would do well to heed the warning in this fight against time. Please join us in our efforts.

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